General FAQs 

on this page, you will find questions and answers that are regularly asked and may help but if your answers are not here don't be afraid to contact we will be happy to help

What should I ask when I contact a counsellor or psychotherapist for the first time?

Ask about the time, place, cost and duration of meetings plus any charges for cancelled appointments and holidays. You may also wish to enquire about the counsellor or psychotherapist’s professional membership, experience and training. During this time you will build up an idea of what is involved and you will be able to decide if this is a person you can work with. It is important to be clear about what you want and what the practitioner is able to offer.



Is there a counsellor or psychotherapist for my situation?

Therapists practise in all walks of life and all parts of society, helping people in a range of settings, from NHS clinics to the business workplaces. Therapists are trained to deal with a diverse range of situations including helping people to cope with: anxiety and bereavement, relationship difficulties, educational dilemmas, sexual and racial issues, child abuse and trauma, as well as personal problem solving.


How long does each counselling session last?

Each session will usually last 50 minutes or one hour depending on your chosen counsellor or psychotherapist. However this is often flexible and should be discussed with your therapist before attending the first session.

How frequent are the sessions?

On average, weekly or fortnightly. A longer period between sessions is not very beneficial.  In exceptional circumstances it may be impossible to meet regularly and we would need to discuss the implications of this and negotiate a time limit.


Do your clients come back for more sessions at a later date?

If, after a period of counselling with you we end our counselling relationship can I contact you weeks, months, years later if I want to “touch base” with you again to talk things through?

Yes, of course, I see many people who have kept my contact details or found me in Yellow Pages or on a website and asked to return.  We then meet to discuss another contract, whether it be for one or two sessions or longer.


Home Visits?

It is possible for me in some circumstances to see you and I have done this for clients in the past, my suggestion would be to give me a call so we can discuss further your needs and requirements.

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